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Georgia Tech Makerspaces have been at the front of creative and novel ways of letting students be the leaders and driving force of designing, building, and discovering new ideas. Hear what leaders from the Invention Studio, The Hive, and more have to say about the rich history and direction Makerspaces are going in the future.

Dance Communities

Georgia Tech is home to a wide array of dance teams, most of which compete nationally, thus spreading the Georgia Tech message of diversity, inclusion, and passion. The dance community at Georgia Tech is truly an open space for all, welcoming anyone wanting to learn and creating a safe haven for members to freely express themselves and their passions.

Distance Math

The Georgia Tech Distance Math program has paved the way for innovation in distance learning for outstanding students pursuing higher education. Discover the history and techniques used in its development, the obstacles that needed to be overcome, and what the future holds for this growing way of learning.

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