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Coming Soon – Georgia Tech Dance Community

From ballroom dancing to fusions of Bollywood dance, Georgia Tech’s dance community allows individuals from any background to express themselves or their culture through music and dance. Furthermore, the dance community grants members of Tech’s community the opportunity to form connections with each other and strengthen empathy. The Empathy Bytes team is researching this community to catch a closer glimpse on how dance has impacted the lives of those individuals involved, and how it has helped them develop deeper connections with those around them. 

Dance has always been an essential part of Georgia Tech culture, ever since 1919, when Arthur Murray began studying business administration at the university. In 1920, Murray organized the world’s first “radio dance” on Georgia Tech’s campus, where he organized the band to play “Ramblin’ Wreck from Georgia Tech” and broadcasted it to about 150 dancers on top of Capital City Club. He later went on to transform the world of dance through his successful studio chain formed in the 1930s. 

Similar to how Murray brought dance into the households of Americans, Georgia Tech’s dance community strives to promote freedom of expression and empowerment among students on campus. Georgia Tech is home to a wide array of dance teams, most of which compete nationally, thus spreading the Georgia Tech message of diversity, inclusion, and passion. Teams such as GT Pulse, a competitive, classical Indian dance team founded in 2010, aspire to push beyond the limits of creativity and innovation in order to create something meaningful and impactful. On the other hand, the Georgia Tech Dance Association works to teach dance to anyone in the Georgia Tech community through workshops and classes. The dance community at Georgia Tech is truly an open space for all, welcoming anyone wanting to learn and creating a safe haven for members to freely express themselves and their passions.