Author: Jocelyn Kavanagh

Dane Wrye on The Hive Community

The Hive is the student organization that runs the Interdisciplinary Design Commons, Georgia Tech’s electrical and computer engineering makerspace. The Hive’s community is truly unique, made up of peer instructors and end-users new and old; all hoping to bring to life “whatever’s in their crazy brain of theirs”. Dane Wrye, the Outreach Officer at The… Read more »

Emaad Shamsi on Opportunities at the Invention Studio

The Invention Studio is home to a great community of problem solvers and din-thinkers. It offers many opportunities for student visitors, users, and for its student leaders, peer instructors. Emaad Shamsi, the Communications Director for the Invention Studio, explains the role the Invention Studio has played in his life, specifically its effect on his professional… Read more »

Dr. Amit Jariwala on the origins of the Invention Studio

The Invention Studio community began in 2009 in a mailroom and as since grown to become one of the top Makerspaces in the country. Dr. Amit Jariwala, Faculty Advisor to the Invention Studio, explains the history and creation of the Flowers Invention Studio. He explains the important role of the student peer instructors and the… Read more »

Alyson Lam on working at The Hive

The Interdisciplinary Design Commons is the newest Makerspace on Georgia Tech’s campus. It is student operated by the organization known as The Hive. The Hive strives to teach students practical skills in electrical and computer engineering while fostering a unique community of inventors, designers, and engineers. Alyson Lam, the Communications Officer for The Hive, tells… Read more »